Someone once told me that everyone has about 10 things that they just do really well, and that the difference between people who are take up hobbies and people who are in it for the long haul is how much love & passion they put into a few of those talents.

Probably every one of my 10 things falls into the category of creating something. An artist by nature, I began drawing at an early age & wanted to pursue fine art in college, but decided on graphic design instead. After many years as a graphic designer & web designer, I picked up my first digital camera in 2000 and from then on, I was taking pictures. When my son, Donovan arrived in 2005, I took photos of him daily.

As a visual person, I see my picture before I've even set up the shot. I'm always searching for perfect light, that one look or glance between two people & the twinkle of laughter in the eyes. When you come to me for photography, bring your humor fun, beauty, seriousness, love and connection. Everything else will fall into place.

My style tends to be more on the photojournalist side of things, if I had to define it. I prefer to gently suggest movements rather than pose my clients because it just leads to unnatural photographs and uncomfortable clients. I tend to let people interact with each other, laugh and joke when they feel like it and I just capture the interaction - it's what makes your photos real.

My goal isn't for people to love their photos because I posed them well or made them hold phony smiles for long amounts of time. I want my clients to look back on their experience with me and say I captured the real essence of who they are as individuals and families.

As years pass, the photographer is often forgotten, but a photograph that captures the true you is timeless.