Jacqueline Perry Photography is based in Raleigh, North Carolina
and accepts clients across the state.

I have been a photographer in Raleigh for a number of years, and really love laid back portraits of families, children, and couples. I could write a page of beautiful prose to explain to you why I love photography and why I should be your photographer, but I’m a visual person and I’m going to keep this short so you can look around and check out my work instead.

My style is very laid back, I love to laugh and joke with my clients, I never take myself too seriously, and I want you to feel comfortable sharing your moments with me.  I know photography is the pinnacle of awkwardness for most people. I can’t say I’ve ever had a client that told me that they are completely comfortable being in front of the camera. You will not be the first nervous client I’ve worked with. Your child will not be the first one who is apprehensive about the camera and who won’t smile. It’s one of the reasons my general sessions run about two hours. Everyone has a warm up period before they can be themselves in front of the camera, and no one comes knowing just what to do or how to pose themselves, and if you have a serious or apprehensive child, I want you to be OK trusting me with those moments as well.

I’ve got this. Don’t worry — I’ve done this before!


I realize that this isn’t second nature to everyone, especially children, so I make it a point to spend some time and get to know them, especially if this is our first meeting in a while.  It’s always a process to get to know someone – especially with a big camera in front of their face.  Usually, once we spend a few minutes together and get friendly, the whole session goes a lot smoother.

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