Sharing & storing photos online

Today I thought I’d discuss something very near & dear to my heart – online photos.  We all have them, and whether they are cell phone images or digital snaps from the *real camera* (as most like to say), I wonder just how many people ONLY upload their photos to Facebook.  Facebook is NOT a good permanent solution to photo storage.  As Facebook is a social media website, they included a handy way for people to upload photos, and it came just as digital cameras and smartphone cameras were becoming more popular.  Naturally, people got into the habit of uploading photos right to Facebook.  But what ELSE is out there?  Maybe you don’t think you need anything else, but hopefully I can sway you, if only a little bit.

I’ve been taking photos long before I was a professional, and one thing I realized early on is that I wanted to share with friends and family via email. I was a late adapter to Facebook, was never on MySpace either, so I had to find someplace online to put my photos to share with everyone. The first place I ended up was Flickr, followed by Shutterfly, and eventually Smugmug.  All three have their perks, and I’m going to walk you through them in this week’s handy-dandy tutorial.

So, if you’re a beginner with online galleries, and you’d like to get some free prints in the process, I can’t recommend Shutterfly enough! And as a bonus to my readers, get 50 free prints if you’re a new member – It’s free stuff – what’s better than that?

Jacqueline Perry Photography offer: Get 50 free prints when you sign up for!

And after you get your free prints, go back again for 40% off of a photo book. Check out this post to see my very first Shutterfly book.

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