Fun Fridays – Tutorial Time

Today’s tutorial is on converting images to rich black and white using your desktop editing software.  I am using Photoshop in my tutorial, but the techniques of adjusting the contrast, brightening the whites & making sure your grays aren’t flat can be used in practically any image editor. Here are some key points from the video:

  • Use photos that have nice contrast to begin with
  • Be cognizant of skin tones in your black & white conversion, and in your color tinting.
  • Use the quick conversion tool in your software, but don’t be afraid to tweak your blacks & whites
  • Using adjustment layers in Photoshop will allow you to turn your conversions on and off.
  • Always save a color version and a black and white version – do not overwrite the original version of your images!

Check it out, and please email me or send me a message on Facebook if you have any questions!  Have a great weekend, and get out there & take some pictures :).


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