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Hi, I’m Jacqueline – welcome to my blog.  I am a lifestyle photographer in Raleigh, North Carolina.  I take photos of just about anything. I’ve done everything from engagements to newborns. From the babies to the high school seniors & lots of fun sessions between.  This is the place where you can check out my latest sessions, see what I’m up to these days & check out some of my other photography.  I tend to document my life through the camera (as many others do)  So, get comfy, hang out, comment if you feel like it, but definitely keep coming back.

About my style

If I had to define my style of photography, I’d say I was laid back documentary style.  I prefer to watch my clients interact with each other, or take note of their personality & shoot in ways that are comfortable to them.  I find that most people, if asked would say they “HATE” having their picture taken (yes…hate!).  Most of the time, they hate what they see in pictures – not themselves,  the strange mannequin shell of a person that a photographer has turned them into.

My goal is to show clients as they are – in their element interacting with an environment in a way that they normally would.  I usually shoot on location & always ask my clients for ideas.  If it’s small children, I’m following & guiding very little (because well, they don’t always take direction too well).  For most everyone else, it only take a little suggestion to get them on their way & comfortable in front of the camera.  In the end, I think the experience as a whole leads to satisfaction or displeasure when someone finally sees their session.

It’s my goal to make not only the photos beautiful, but to make sure that each and every session is one where my clients feel like the star.



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