Today is the kind of day that makes you wish that just for a little bit…it was really summer again.  I don’t know about your summers, but summers here are HOT from the time the sun goes up until the sun goes down (and then some).  Today, specifically when I thought of summer, I thought of this session – with Chloe & Kate, two sisters that I’ve known since they were born.  There was a time, back when Chloe & my son Donovan were wee tots, that they were best of friends in daycare. Every story about Donovan’s day involved Chloe.  But, as kids get older & schools zone districts, they don’t see each other nearly as much as they used to – but luckily, us parents are friends – and I love that he has friends that he’s known “since forever” in his words.

So, when it was time for the girls to have new photos, Stacy gave me a call. The last time I did photos with them, Kate had just learned to stand & was able to wear her Christening gown.  This time, there was running, and giggling & twirls in dresses and laughs between sisters.  Even though it’s not nearly winter in N.C., and it’s barely even fall (it has been in the 70s all this week), this session reminds me of long summer days where the sun stretches as long and as far as it can and children take advantage of every last ray.



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