So, this blog post is going to be all over the place, It’s Friday, and I’m in a sharing sort of mood!

Since I’m a visual person, I tend to snap random phone photos.  It’s sort of a way of keeping a diary, only visually.  I need to be better at putting those photos somewhere though!   Here are some interesting visual ramblings from this week:

1) I love this leather satchel, I use it as my work bag, camera bag & weekend bag
2) I’m not one for pastels, but this Essie color was calling my name!
3) My school made it to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament (Go Pack!).  We usually don’t make it, but this year the guys have played well.  I’m optimistically hopefully (and yet, I know how we do, so I’m not letting my mind wander past tonight’s game just yet!). This is a photo of Donovan in front of the Bell Tower right off of campus.


I do the same thing with the big camera, but it’s not with me constantly.

1 & 2) My son was drawing a “cheerful” picture for a classmate that wasn’t feeling well. I think his flower photo took a very wrong turn with “Spooky Daisy” and “ManFlower” up there.  I didn’t want to smash his creative spirit…so I let it roll, until he misspelled a word *oops! Gotta start over lil’man…and on a HAPPIER note please!*.
3) The St. Patrick’s Day Parade seemed like a good plan. He was bored and requested to leave early. Who does that at a Parade? This moody little dude does.

I’ve been getting goodies in all week, I have sample canvases & sample mounted images all over the place until they have proper storage.  I love the kiddies that I’ve worked with. “Baby Ballerina” is one of my all time favorite photos.  It’s so soft & sweet, and she gave me a lazy little blink as she fell back asleep.

Something else I want to do on Fridays is share some interesting local shops, artists & destinations. Today, I want to share the website of Brandi Moody, who designs great jewelry.  Her website, Ever So Lovely highlights artists & designers from all over the world.  She’s also a talented artist as well, and her Etsy Shop has some fab finds – from jewelry to art including these great earrings in varying shades for the summer.

I could have purchased them online, but when Brandi told me she has jewelry in one of my favorite local shops, The Clothes Hound, I was able to go in person and pick out my favorite color.  The color on these isn’t flat, most all of them have blended colors that look different from every angle.  I picked out the pair above which are more gold than they appear in the photo. They are going to go perfectly with jeans & things this spring & summer.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy the weather, if you dare play outside in all of the pollen! (Yes, that’s a pollen cloud coming to attack in the photo below!). Everything is bursting with the green stuff around here.




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