This year, I am resolved to stick with doing a project 365 photo blog.  Now, I’ve tried this before, I’ve never finished one, in fact I’m doing this partly because I take way less photos than I used to take.  My camera used to stay beside me when I was not in the office.  It lived on the sofa, always in reach.  The older Donovan got, the less I seemed to be taking photos of him – well, with my real camera that is.  These days I take a ton of photos with my camera on the iPhone.  They’re nice, but they’re not the kind of thing I’d be able to have printed very large.  So, this year, I call myself getting reacquainted with the photos in my every day life.

They’re not all going to be gorgeous works of art, they’re not even going to be all taken with “a good camera”, but I’ll have photos. Ah…yes, and I did just say “the good camera”.  I always get people asking me what camera I’m taking photos with because my photos look XYZ.  I have had calls from friends at the store wanting to pick up so & so Nikon that has 12mp, because then they’ll be able to take fantastic photos.  I’ve had to tell them all – it’s not how much $$ you pay for a camera, and it’s really not about the megapixels – if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re wasting your money! If you buy a fancy DSLR camera & use the auto settings all of the time, yes you take faster pictures, but overall, don’t be surprised that they look a lot like the photos on your point & shoot camera (that was the big, big shocker when I first purchased mine).  You do actually have to do a bit of fiddling, testing & learning to get them to look otherwise!

Up until this summer, I still took all of my photos on a camera that was released brand new in 2004 (could have been 2003!).  It had limitations…many limitations, but I worked around them.  That’s right…that camera was 6mp and 7 years old! I learned that camera inside & out, and I knew how to get around most of the problems that I had with it.  One thing I couldn’t really work around was it’s low light capabilities, but I purchased lenses to help compensate for as much as they could.  I bought external flashes, I learned to light photos off camera, and I learned to watch my time of day when photographing outdoors.

The thing that was consistent is that I knew how to use the camera, and I got pretty good results from it.  And even when I upgraded, I kept my trusty D70.  It’s not nearly as fancy as the new baby, but I can’t deny it’s smaller, lighter & probably more likely to make it out of the house in a purse.  Unlike my heavy D700….which just recently broke the straps of one of my most favorite purses.  That one has taken it’s last ride in a purse that I love! For Christmas, I bought myself a very nice heavy duty leather satchel that will be able to tote that one around (as well as my other stuff).

So, as for my 365 project, through the year, I’ll post some of my daily photos.  Like I say, they aren’t going to all be interesting or fabulous, but that’s life. It happens. Record it, laugh about it, wake up & do it again tomorrow!

One of today’s images…booty from the junk drawer in the kitchen.  Now, I have a pen problem. I love colorful ink, and I always LOSE my colorful pens. I don’t always go searching for them, I just go get new ones.  Lately, my office pen stash has started to look very meager. I can’t ever find a red or purple pen when I need one (daily), and I’ve given up all hope of ever finding a Sharpie pen that wasn’t half sized & green (the only current Sharpie in a 3 room radius of my office). I’m talking bare bones, black & blue pens only!

Behold…the fruits of the junk drawer in the kitchen. It’s evidently a hot vacation spot for office pens.

I’m thinking that what happens is that I find a random pen, lay it down somewhere & it migrates to the junk drawer – because honestly, this much writing is NOT happening up in the kitchen!

In addition to about 8 blacks & blues, I found 5 red pens, 5 purple pens, 2 teal pens, 1 magenta pen, 6 sharpies, 2 highlighters, 2 dry erase pens, and a Mickey Mouse pen.  Bonus jackpot pen is the purple retractable Sharpie that I lost probably a week after I bought it!

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